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Rod Stewart Tribute

George Orr looks like and sounds like ROD STEWART but he’s a lot funnier. His quips and jokes between songs are witty and entertaining and in fact, it’s hard to say whether he is a better vocalist or a better comedian! Most people in the audience have seen this show many times and they keep coming back again and again. GEORGE ORR is “one of a kind” and he is one of our best and most entertaining shows ever! We tell people we never know what he is going to say but worse yet, he doesn’t know what he is going to say! One thing for sure, if you don’t get insulted than you were not listening! He is not dirty but he is not prudish either. All we can tell you is GEORGE ORR performs every month, twelve months a year at CAPE CABARET and few performers can say that. There is a reason people keep coming back again and again to hear him and yes, buy him another glass of Chardonnay. Bottom line, folks love the guy that “looks like and sounds like ROD STEWART but is a lot funnier” GEORGE ORR himself.

Date & Time

July 21, 2017

7:00PM - 9:30PM

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$15 Cover charge

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