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13 Things To Do in Cape Coral This July

Looking for something to do in the Month of July? We've got you covered with a wide array of events including a fireworks show, tropical fruit fair, live concerts, and so much more!

U.S. Waste Creates Health, Economic, and Environmental Issues

Americans throw away up to 40 percent of their food, most on the consumer level, adding up to 38 million tons of waste and costing $218 billion each year, according to the NRDC.

Refreshing and Guilt-free: Cutting the Calories in Summer Cocktails

Summer cocktails create a dilemma—how can we have our cake and drink it, too?

Unwind and Dine: A Staycation In Sarasota

If you do have a little time to refresh yourself this summer and don’t want to spend it in crowded theme parks and busy airports, one tank of gas and long a weekend in Sarasota is just what the doctor ordered.

A Crown Jewel: Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary

Stroll through Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary’s towering cypress forests and explore the summertime pursuits of its resident inhabitants—without getting your feet wet.

Healthy Holes-in-the-Wall: Small Restaurants That Make Big and Tasty Impressions

As more people are looking for healthier fare, the trend at all types of restaurants is local, healthy, organic, vegetarian and vegan. Here are 3 small restaurants that serve delicious fare.

Top Spots for Beach Lovers In and Around Cape Coral

The beaches are a beautiful getaway any time of year here in Southwest Florida, but especially in the summer. We put together a list of places to go to bum around and enjoy the sun.

Get all the latest stories and events in and around Cape Coral Florida.

Get all the latest stories and events in and around Cape Coral Florida.

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