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Cape Coral Living: July/August 2017 Issue

Jun 26, 2017 06:06PM ● By Kevin
Taking care of ourselves is what the July/August issue of Times of the Islands is all about. No matter what your age or lifestyle, your health is the most important thing that you have, and this issue will show you the best ways to make a healthier and happier you. Information about exercising, nutrition, mental health and just feeling good—that's what this issue has in store for you.

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Farm to School Fresh veggies in lunchroom ending food deserts kids love it  - Jun 26 2017 0557PM

Farm to School: Fresh veggies in lunchroom, ending food deserts, kids love it!

Public schools, Cape Coral-based Seedlings Academy and other area learning centers are on the fresh-food bandwagon, providing organic meals to children enrolled in their programs. Read More » 


Photo by Dayna Harpster

Shell Game: Caloosa Coast Rowing Club, 10th century sport, Cape Coral’s early risers

Some say the sport of rowing, one of the oldest in Olympic competition, dates to the early 10th century. Read More » 


Mike Greenwells Bat-A-Ball  Family Fun Park Swinging for the fences former big leaguers family business a big league hit - Jun 26 2017 0505PM

Mike Greenwell’s Bat-A-Ball & Family Fun Park: Swinging for the fences, former big leaguer’s family business, a big league hit

Mike Greenwell’s Bat-A-Ball & Family Fun Park in Cape Coral, on Pine Island Road just east of Santa Barbara Boulevard, features batting cages that draw the athletically inclined. Read More » 


Mojitos Margaritas and More Cooling cocktails for the summer heat - Jun 26 2017 0513PM

Mojitos, Margaritas and More: Cooling cocktails for the summer heat

Bars and restaurants put a wide range of spins on the classic beverages, that, although easy to make, are equally as easy to wreck with ingredients that are sub par and out of proportion. Read More » 


Pet Emergencies How To Spot Them Where To Go - Jun 26 2017 0521PM

Pet Emergencies: How To Spot Them, Where To Go

Since we’re human, not animal, we may not recognize serious symptoms that we don’t share. Read More » 


LEGOLAND Motel is just outside LEGOLAND Florida about an hour east of Tampa The nexus is built for kids with parents in mind Photo by Mandy Carter

Luxury Among LEGOS: a Central Florida vacation destination built for a kid but pleasing for adults

LEGOLAND Florida now offers two unique hotels, a theme park divided into themed worlds and a waterpark, creating an amazing kid-friendly vacation. Read More »