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New Cape Coral Restaurant, Point 57, to Extend Late-night Hours, Add Saturday Lunch and Sunday Brunch in 2018

Dec 11, 2017 03:25PM ● By Kevin
Point 57 Kitchen & Cocktails was started over many dinner table conversations over the course of a couple of years, between chef proprietor Matt Arnold and his business partner, Cory Royer, who had the idea and was aware of its current property and location. Once it went up for sale, they purchased the property, which is on Del Prado Boulevard South, in October 2015, started construction in December 2016, and finally opened This past February. With almost a year under their belts, the ownership is ready to kick it to the next level, with new hours and meal options.

The first of a few changes is the extension of late-night hours. Mondays through Thursdays, they will serve until 10 p.m., and on Fridays and Saturdays, they will serve until 11 p.m. In 2018, they will add Saturday lunch service and Sunday brunch.

Additionally, Point 57 is open New Year's Eve with a special menu. They have also been catering private lunches specifically tailored for their clients, and are excited to announce the winter menu coming soon.

Arnold has been in the restaurant business for 27 years. Originally from Kansas City, he’s worked up and down the East Coast in some of America’s finest restaurants, according to Point 57's website. Before moving to Cape Coral in 2016, he worked at the Webster House in Kansas City.

He and Royer came up with 45 names before settling on "Point 57," which was crafted to ensure the restaurant had a regional and local theme.

"One of my best friends, JJ McDowell, a writer/wordsmith/storyteller of sorts was looking on the Cape Coral website and recognized that the land mass of Cape Coral is on a point and the town was developed in 1957," Arnold said. "So came Point 57. We handed the list out to many a friend and family to vote on and Point 57 was the most popular among the group. So, it stuck."

The most popular dishes are the Steak Frites and Fish and Chips. The former, a grilled hanger steak with house fries, which take several hours to make, an herb butter, and house steak sauce; and the latter uses a vodka and beer batter on an Alaskan cod, complimented by loaded tartar sauce and house-cut fries.

"We have a good mix," Arnold said. "My favorite is probably our Crispy Pork Shank or our Cioppino. I get asked that all the time from our guests. I tell them I don't have one. They are like children, I like them all. One guy said, "Oh yes you can have a favorite!" We had a good laugh."

Arnold described opening day as surreal. The first deliveries, the licensing and getting the certificate of occupancy were the best memories, he said. Royer and Arnold made many decisions and plans to make things run smoothly. Arnold said they looked at every square inch of the property and it was overall intense.

"The project was a massive challenge, took way to long," he said. "We needed to get her opened and when we finally did it was like finishing a marathon and getting to share that moment with my opening day staff was incredible." 

As for the future, they are looking to improve the product for the guests, employees and the food and drink itself. The winter season not only brings a new menu, but hopefully for Arnold and Royer, new guests in addition to the regular patrons.

"Now that we are up and running we want to increase our visibility and increase our relationships within the community," Arnold said. "Improve and increase our relationships with local farmers and fisherman. We definitely want to have more private events and on-premise caterings."

Additionally, they are looking to branch out to off-premise events and try new things, which is what Arnold says is "invigorating and half the battle."

The restaurant was down for two weeks due to Hurricane Irma, and that was a hit Arnold said; however, things are picking back up.

"The building held up great and we lost little product," he said. "All in all, [we're] just thankful and we all were very lucky."

The American gastropub with Southern influences focuses on small plates, traditionally simple steaks, burgers and seafood, paired with local ingredients. It has earned a 4.6-star rating on Facebook.

"I discovered this place a few months back — and I’ve been coming back and telling others about it," said JC Estrada in a 5-star review in October. "The atmosphere, food, drinks and service are amazing. Every time we go we have Jackie serve us. She’s awesome. The cocktail drinks are always unique — and tasty. I recommend the owl punch drink (it’s made for two). The pulled pork spring rolls. All their entrees are delicious — the bacon wrapped tenderloin and crispy pork shank are my favorites. Go if you want to have a great dining experience — you won’t be disappointed."

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Photo courtesy of the Point 57 website

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