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Get And Stay In Shape With CrossFit

For those looking for a fun way to get—and stay—in shape, then CrossFit may be the answer. According to Jason Dylik, co-owner of Bloodline CrossFit in Lehigh Acres, CrossFit accomplishes many things: “It is a personal, group, high-intensity training class,” he explains. “It uses various exercises like running, squats, rowing and pull-ups. It is then all rolled into one package.”

Dylik says workouts last an hour, and always start with a warm-up. “Each workout is strategically planned. Everything is on point and we put a lot of research into this.”

He says there are several reasons CrossFit works. “You may go to other gyms and feel intimidated when you see others … You may not know what to do, you may not know how to work the equipment. … Here, every workout is planned for the athletes. You just have to be motivated to come here and participate.

“You will become sort of a family. You have others in your class pushing you. You know you are not alone. It becomes a good social activity.”

Corey Voiselle, an athlete from Lehigh Acres who has been working out at Bloodline for 15 months, agrees. “After several months of going to a local gym, I was getting bored with the same daily routine,” she explains. “I wanted to find something that was challenging and had variety. Looking for something local, I found Bloodline CrossFit.”

Dylik moved to the area from Buffalo, New York, about two and a half years ago, to open the gym with his brother, Zach. He mentions that other healthy living aspects are discussed, such as nutrition and getting enough sleep. 

Dylik says athletes in the program can expect to see many positive results. “Many have dropped pants sizes. They sleep better. They are more focused throughout the day. They feel better.”

Voiselle can also attest to that. “I look and feel the best I ever have in my life,” she says. “CrossFit has improved so many aspects of my life. I have an increased confidence in and outside of the gym. I am more focused and driven at work.”

Dylik also says no one should worry about their fitness level when considering CrossFit. “It does not matter if you are in top physical condition, or you are 5 feet 8 inches and weigh 300 pounds. The workouts are designed for everyone. It is the same class; we can lower the weights or intensity to accommodate the athletes’ different levels.

“We treat everyone with respect,” he adds. “The people we train are not clients or guests. They are athletes and we treat them as such.”

Dylik mentions, however, that it does take a commitment. “Like anything else, the more you go, the better results you’ll see.” The gym has a schedule of “going hard” Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, “going light” on Thursday, “going hard” Friday and Saturday, and taking Sunday off.


Bloodline CrossFit

51 Owen Ave. N, Suite 6
Lehigh Acres

(For those who may be interested in exploring CrossFit, but may not know where to begin, co-owner Jason Dylik says the best thing to do is attend one of his gym’s free trial classes on Saturdays at 9:30 a.m.)

Written by Bill Levy, a freelance writer based in Odessa, Texas, who used to live in Fort Myers.