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Retired Cape Coral Firefighter Goes Viral With His 'Flying Corgis'

Photo courtesy of Robert E Willaford on Facebook

Retired Cape Coral firefighter Robert Willaford has made quite the splash in the Cape Coral community of late, ever since his viral video hit the internet in September 2020. Willaford is the proud parent of three corgis—Jake, Darla, and Judy—with a unique hobby: they fly with him in his one-person plane.

Willaford appeared on an interview with WINK News in June, but he and his pups had been crowned local celebrities for quite a few months prior. He told WINK that people stop him all the time and that he brings the trio to his Lowe's and Home Depot trips.

WINK reported Willaford introduced the dogs to flying years ago, having flown them to regular trips to the Keys, the Bahamas, and South Carolina. He even takes special precautions to protect the dogs' ears by putting "mutt muffs" on them.

Willaford's son, Robert II, has followed in his father's footsteps and is a fire lieutenant for the Cape Coral Fire Department.

To read the full story and watch the video, click here.