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BEAUTIFUL AND MAGNIFICENT: In SWFL, You Can Get It All! - September/October 2021 Publisher's Letter

Sep 07, 2021 05:00PM ● By Daniela J. Jaeger

What a summer it has been! If you’re anything like me, the summer of 2021 turned out to be hot, busy and strange. Have you been enjoying the outdoors? Here in Southwest Florida, you can get it all, good and bad: hot sun, cooling rains, annoying no-see-ums, refreshing ocean breezes. Some people just want to stay inside during the hotter months, but don’t let the weather and bugs keep you from enjoying our beautiful environment and magnificent wildlife. Get outside. Breathe deeply. Enjoy the life around you. 

Why not take your favorite TOTI magazine with you this month? It’s great beach reading if you’re here to enjoy the sun, sand and sea. And who doesn’t like cozying up and reading during one of our famous Florida thunderstorms? Whether at home, outside, poolside or on a plane, this issue will help you unwind, escape and even do a little planning. 

Our special section on wedding venues will inspire you. Southwest Florida is filled with many beautiful places to host a wedding. From simple to extravagant, there are options for everyone. Wouldn’t it be fun to be a guest at one these locations, just to enjoy the festive atmosphere?  

Speaking of being a wedding guest, you can learn some tips on taking great photos of the event with your iPhone in this issue. Today’s mobile phones have excellent camera capabilities, and our article “Want to Take Better iPhone Photos?” will show you that you don’t have to be a professional photographer or tech expert to achieve great shots. 

On a different note, if you have children or grandchildren living with you and their bedrooms could use a little sprucing up, you’ll find inspiration in “Transforming Children’s Bedrooms,” our story about turning these rooms into special places. More than ever, kids’ bedrooms have become multipurpose rooms. You can help them create an uncluttered and uncommon space with simple techniques that will personalize it while keeping it functional and fun. 

Despite what some people think, we do have a change of seasons in Southwest Florida. I hope this fall will be a time of rest and rejuvenation for you. As we continue to work past the pandemic and the uncertainty it has caused, remember to remain considerate toward others in all that you do. By looking out for and protecting each other, we become stronger and closer. Find ways to come together—to understand one another—instead of drifting apart. Unity is beautiful… and magnificent.