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Betty White Challenge Raises Money for Dogs, Cats, and “Golden Girls” in Southwest Florida

Feb 06, 2022 02:55PM ● By Jessica Wagner

Photo Courtesy of News-Press

The Betty White Challenge had made its way to Southwest Florida, asking people to donate to their favorite animal shelter or animal welfare organization back in January, in the days leading up to Betty White’s birthday.

The hashtag #BettyWhiteChallenge honors the late Betty White, who passed on December 31, 2021, at the age of 99. Betty White loved to support animal shelters and adored animals, according to News-Press.

As this challenge came to Southwest Florida, many animal shelters and organizations benefitted greatly. Some groups raised over $1,500 in one week.

“It’s a wonderful way to honor her memory and her compassion for animals,” says Carolina Diaz, marketing director for Humane Society Naples tells News-Press. “And I think it’s a really great way, also, to inspire a new generation of people to become interested in animal welfare.”

Although this challenge was trending on social media, some shelters didn’t know about it until they were receiving donations marked “In honor of Betty White”, Betty Hughes of the Animal Refuge Center tells News-Press.

This challenge has also evolved into raising money for some shelters' own “golden girls” - older dogs and cats that often get left behind at the shelters.

Many of these shelters and organizations are nonprofit and rely on donations, especially no-kill shelters where the animals stay until they are adopted. 

If you’re looking to add to the Betty White Challenge and donate to an animal shelter near you, check out the shelters and organizations linked below.

Animal Shelters/Organizations