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“Do The Right Thing” Winners Announced For March

May 06, 2022 08:59AM ● By Stephanie Hatley

Photo Courtesy of CCPD Website

The young citizens of Cape Coral are making good decisions, and they’re being rewarded and acknowledged for their positive actions. The latest March recipients of the Cape Coral Police Department’s “Do the Right Thing” program were announced in April. This non-profit corporation began in 1990 in Miami, and when Chief Arnold Gibbs left Miami to come to Cape Coral, he thought this program was worth instituting here, too. Since 1995, over 100 students each year in the Cape Coral community have been awarded for their good decision-making.

Here are the “Do The Right Thing” winners for March:

Jaxen Smith, 8th grade, Caloosa Middle School

Kaden Loring, 12th grade, North Fort Myers High School

Brody Loring, 10th grade, North Fort Myers High School

Tatum Garrett, 8th grade, Diplomat Middle School

Mia Najdovski, 9th grade, Cape Coral High School

Kaylee Wenrich, 8th grade, Lee Virtual School

Jaxen found a cell phone on the school bus and turned it in. Kaden and Brody helped an elderly man who fell and hit his head at the gym. They called 911 and stayed with him until EMS arrived. Tatum rescued her family’s pets when her garage caught on fire. Mia notified a school staff member about a friend who was suicidal. Her friend was able to get the care she needed. Kaylee is always looking for ways to serve in her community from creating holiday cards for nursing home residents to volunteering with her brother’s scouts program.

Congratulations to these students who exemplify the “Do The Right Thing” program principles! Do you know a student who shows concern for wildlife, befriends a classmate who’s bullied, or raises money for a charity?

Consider filling out the Do The Right Thing Nomination Form on the CCPD website today so we can recognize students for their positive behavior in the community.