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Cooking, with Love

Apr 11, 2023 08:00AM ● By Kathy Montgomery

Award winning pastry chefs offer tutorials to students during a Norman Love cooking class. 

Norman Love blends culinary mastery with artistic flair to create incomparable jewel-like chocolates that have won the adoration of fans across the globe. Like all discerning chefs, Norman Love Confections begins with superior ingredients, including the world’s finest chocolate, and in reverence to flavor, they leave out the preservatives. They proceed with an uncommon blend of creativity and precision to transform simple but wonderful ingredients into true culinary works of art. Beautiful, handcrafted gourmet chocolates include the freshest milk chocolates, accompanied by dark, white and gourmet chocolate truffles, elegantly packaged and available in Norman Love Confections’ Signature Collection. Additionally, Norman Love Confections creates artisan desserts, novelty items and more.

Often guests to his chocolate salon will ask, “Can you teach me to make these beautiful, decadent desserts?” 

Yes, is the answer, as esteemed chef chocolatier Norman Love and his award-winning team of pastry chefs at Norman Love Confections offer a series of cooking classes this spring and summer for those interested in learning to create artisan confections and exquisite desserts. 

Norman Love poses with attendees at a tasting event. 

 Norman Love Confections’ master chefs will guide you step-by-step through a fun-filled 3-hour course where you’ll learn to create decadent masterpieces of your very own.

“Cooking with Love” features courses suitable for individuals and groups of friends looking for an interactive, unique social experience. Love and his talented team will share some of their baking and cooking techniques with participants, who each will have an opportunity to create desserts to take home. 

“Our culinary team enjoys the cooking classes as much as our students, so we’re looking forward sharing some recipes, cooking techniques and decorating styles to take your sweet treats and desserts to the next level,” says Norman Love, founder and owner of Norman Love Confections. 

Students pose with their creations during a layered cakes class. 

One-night classes include: 

  • Chocolate Truffles on June 2: Master the 100-year-old art of truffle making. From the luscious hand-formed dark chocolate to the modern Swiss chocolate shell, create these treats with the guidance of Chocolatiers. 
  • Molded Chocolates on May 19 and June 16: learn hand coloring to casting liquid chocolate and mixing custom ganaches to fill candies!  

Classes begin at 6:30 p.m. at 11380 Lindbergh Boulevard, Fort Myers. The cost is $95 plus tax, and a reservation is required at 239-561-7215. Class duration varies, depending on the subject matter. Private classes are also available on request. 

Kathy Montgomery has been writing for more than 30 years about Southwest Florida and the interesting people who live in the region.