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La Corte Bistro

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La Corte, which means Courtyard in Italian, is sure to be a dining destination for everyone in and around Cape Coral. Farm-to-Table style dishes, expertly prepared by Chef Elmer and his crew are the talk of the town. Sitting by the decorative fireplace, or dining on the beautiful front terrace while listening to some fine music, or relaxing and dining in one of the supremely-designed rooms of La Corte Bistro should absolutely be at the very top of everyone’s “To-Do” lists. La Corte’s owners’, top priority is to deliver outstanding service, world-renowned food, expertly-prepared cocktails all in a warm and inviting atmosphere, and they will settle for nothing less for their guests. Reservations are recommended especially for parties of 6 or more, but with a 200 guest capacity; getting a table at La Corte is usually a stress-free experience. It is a mixture of pleasure and well-being, from culture and cuisine, which makes the unique character of the restaurant on Lafayette Street in Cape Coral. For decades, it has been a meeting place as it was the former brew babies. Noblesse oblige!