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Revolution Cable Park

17590 East St.
North Fort Myers, FL 33917

In 2003 the Revolution Cable Park idea was spawned. Today it is a reality. The cable system is a Ski Rixen Model, with 5 towers and runs in a normal counter-clockwise direction. The park encompasses approximately 20 acres and includes a 3/4 mile nature trail along one of the most pristine wetlands in the area with the addition of 270 recently planted native trees and 4,200 native plants.

The cable is operated at approximately 19 miles per hour allowing riders to wakeboard, kneeboard, ski or wakeskate. 7 riders can be on the system at one time, if you fall while riding, it is just a short swim to shore and walk back to the start dock where you can be riding again in minutes.

The system is run by the use of electricity and does not require any gasoline for operation. You will be surprised by the ease of riding on the system and the lack of engine noise when compared to riding behind a boat. In addition to those positives, the use of the cable system infuses 5 tons of oxygen per year into the lake water which helps the plants and fish as well as clarifies the water.

Our goal at Revolution is to ensure that all riders have a safe and fun time. We pride ourselves on being family oriented. So stop by, check us out, and let the fun begin.