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Creative Art Classes - Kids Age under 10 - Cape Coral

Welcome to Palak StudioInk's Art Class in Cape Coral!

Who is the Artist?
My name is Palak Dhorajiya; and I am obsessed with creating imaginative art. Growing up in India, I always had a passion for art. At the time, I would make time within my busy schedule as a full-time student to attend workshops and art classes.
 However, as time passed, education became my major priority. I relocated to Calgary, Canada to pursue a career in Interior design. My art journey was the sacrifice; and I almost let it slip. But passionate dreams leave you restless as I soon discovered. Because, during the pandemic, I suddenly had lots of free time to pursue my passion. And I did, by learning a new form of art called “Alcohol inks”.

What do I get from this Art Class?
This free painting class is open for all ages. You are welcome to this class as a beginner as well. We will be doing a painting on nature and learn how to blend colors. I will be walking you through a few techniques to make blending easier. I have different versions of same painting so it suits all ages.

Date & Time

Weekly on Saturday

Apr 02, 2022 through Dec 31, 2022

11:00AM - 12:00PM

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